Video Project: One Minute Creative PSA

You will make a One-minute Creative PSA. Draw on your experience of making the one-shot portraits and our media viewing day to inspire your video. You are encouraged to be creative, whether that be in the style you present your message or what your message is. Note: the class will be divided into small groups.

To gain more hands on experience with scripting, camera operation, editing and creative storytelling.

Flip Cam
Additional Audio Recorder or Professional Camera if needed
Computer with editing software


-Your video must have a clear and simple message
-Use the SCMAA and Story Arc tools
-Be creative about your approach
-Keep it simple

Day 1 PSA Project:
-Get into groups and choose any topic (within school policy and rules)
-Use SCMMA and Story Arc tools to script your story and make a shot list
-Present your film idea and plan to the Instructor
-Incorperate feedback and finalize logistics for shooting the next day

Day 2 PSA Project:
-Film your PSA

Day 3 PSA Project:
-Film your PSA
-Upload your footage to Imovie
-Begin editing

Day 4 PSA Project:
-Edit your film
-Get feedback from Instructor

Day 5 PSA Project:
-Finish your edit
-Final Feedback from Instructor
-Add relevant titles and credits
-Reflection writing in your class blog

Day 6 PSA Project:
-Screen your work!


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