Exploration 1: Connection to Self// Your Own Voice

Introduction to Workshop
Freewrite/Discussion: What is nourishment, what are different forms it can take?

Media Literacy

We will utilize the SCMMA and Story Arc tools to explore the following films, and also use these films as creative prompts to explore our own connections to self and our own voice.

Structure to Explore Theme/Topics  via Multiple Interviews

I Feel Free When by Michael Lopez (3 min 6 sec) 
Made in Association with the Bay Area Video Coalition Next Gen YouthLink/Digital Pathways Program

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hOQ1kMdMAg%5D
Pay Attention to creative use of interviews and structure.

Videos set to Poems
Slip of the Tongue by Karen Lum (4 min 15 seconds)
Made in Association with the Bay Area Video Coalition Next Gen Factory Program

Pay attention to creative storytelling, editing (fast cuts, relationship between audio and visuals), variety of shots, multiple messages, shifting and dynamic pov and audiences. We can use this film to look at the impact of words, culture and our relationships to self and others.

Note: this video is an adaptation of a poem. You can listen and read the poem first, then watch the video. Ask yourself, how does the poem change when it is put in context of a film?

How to be Alone by Tanya Davis (4 min 45 sec)

read the poem here.

Use of Pattern in Filmmaking

HandSum by Eva Colmers  (4 min) 

Creative Artist Writing Questions

We’ve seen films in which the filmmaker explores their passions and what makes them feel good about themselves. In many ways, we nourish ourselves when we do things that make use feel good about ourselves. What makes you feel free? What kinds of things do you that make you feel good about yourself? How do you nourish yourself? Use the  Creative Artists Questions here to help you explore this.

Relaxation Meditation

Guided relaxation meditation to allow self to be a creative being and open to nourishment.

Note: This media lesson is ©Kirthi Nath. You are welcome to adopt the curriculum, please leave a comment or email me with comment on how you used the lesson. Thanks.


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