84,000 Doorways to Nourishment: Filmmaker in a Classroom (San Francisco Film Society)

In this media workshop we will explore the various ways we can nourish ourselves and others by examining our relationship to self, to others and our community. We will pay attention not only to what we consume and its impact on us, but how we can tap into our own sacred selves, connect to the world and how what we give back is also part of the spectrum of nourishment. We will watch short films both to inspire content for our own discoveries and also break down how media is put together to tell stories. Special focus will be given to use of personal and community storytelling and how to cultivate and support creative media storytelling. The workshop will also incorporate various artistic and writing exercises to support this exploration and culminate in a creative group PSA about Nourishment. [production element subject to change].

Tuesday // Thursdays 10:45am -12 pm [1 hour 15 min] // Nov 8-Dec 8


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