Creative Corner

Yeah for the delight of creativity! Please join me on this adventure of imagination, exploration and the artist’s way….In this section you will find a collection of delights. Consider this a sneak peak at the Table of Contents:

*Links to finished films (personal and created for clients)
*Short term mutli media projects, some of which you can participate in! (coming soon)
*Musings on films and multimedia works in progress (coming soon)

*Creative writing (fiction/non fiction)
*Reviews (coming soon)


I’m still figuring out how to present all these offerings to you…as gifts for you to enjoy, as projects for you to participate in, as delights for your do as you wish.  And some may wonder, wait, some links take me back to your website. Yup, it’s true, it’s confusing to me also. I’m still figuring out how to best navigate between this site (read: a wordpress dynamic site for someone like me who does not hand code) and also my charming art website.  Any comments and navigation feedback is most welcome!


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