ReConnect: Get Unstuck and Find Your Magic: Online Course Announcement!

Today I’m shouting from online rooftops with news of an amazing course offered by my wonderful friends Willo O’Brien and Mati Rose. They are offering Re-Connect,  a 5-week  e-course that’s of the ‘this will change your life for the better’ kind. I signed up and am so excited, I want all my friends to join me. Life is a journey, and more beautiful with good company!

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And for those of you who want to read more, right here right now, for you:

Feeling lost at sea, stuck or disconnected? This ecourse is your ticket home! RE:CONNECT is all about just that… reconnecting with your voice, your body, your creativity and your magic!

In this 5-week online e-course, we’ll take you on a journey to get unstuck, and cultivate:

  •  more clarity around what you want
  • more peace in your body
  • more spaciousness in how you hold time
  • more connection to your creativity
  • more passion in all areas of your life
Mati Rose and Willo
Mati Rose and Willo!

Dates and Details: Starts Monday, September 17th, and runs for 5-weeks, completing on Friday, October 19th. It’s online, so all material is available online when it’s most convenient for you.


  • New content every day, 5 days/week
  • Weekly videos with Mati & Willo
  • Guest Contributions, including audio recordings, video and written interviews, lessons and guidance
  • Inspiration & community support
  • Live phone calls with Mati & Willo (triple yeah!)
  • End of week wrap-up with takeaway for weekend

Find out more, View the List of Guest Speakers + Sign up: Re-Connect Me Please!



As evening approaches
the scent of the tangerine
from breakfast
starts to make its way into the sky
she grabbed it at breakfast two days ago
thinking she’d want it later
she kept it
in the spirit of we’ll see what happens


Looking at the three giant trees
huddled close by yet standing
each emerging on their own
the wind whispers, that isn’t just one tree
underneath the roots flow together
and what you see as three is really one

Three Tress One

In the sky she sees the bright one
north star
it knows its place
she wants to feel confident in her place
she wants to be curious


The feeling deepens
it lingers exactly
like the scent of a stargazer
in the moment of the opening


The butterfly opens her right wing, then her left
for the first time
but in her imagination, she has done this movement always


Socially Responsible Travel and New Media Expedition to Costa Rica: Join Me (July 2012)

Want to travel to Costa Rica and do so in a way that contributes to cultural and environmental sustainability? AND learn new media skills? Join me this summer for the MONTEVERDE NEW MEDIA EXPEDITION. Together, we will work to create a multimedia project that digitally documents the Monteverde Cloud forest region in Costa Rica!

Who is this trip for? Is this for me?
Well that is for you to decide, but if your interest is perked, read below…many FAQ answered!  This trip is suited for both those with media skills who’d like to refine or put their craft into practice of social good, or for those who’d like to learn media skills. It is for everyone who wants to travel to Costa Rica!

Socially Responsible Travel: Costa Rica

FAQ answered…

Is this a vacation or work or what is this?
You know how some people travel to help build houses for communities they visit? And others travel to take yoga workshops and refine their practice? Same concept…you get to travel, explore a new place in the world, learn and refine skills and also contribute to a project that helps the community you visit. And make new friends in the process. Yeah for Socially Responsible travel!

Who is leading this? 
The core team organizing this is a group of media educators and artists who are committed to using our skills for social benefit, and sharing this process with others also interested in this way of life.

What is New Media and How/Why will this contribute to cultural and environmental sustainability? 
New Media is defined broadly as digital documentation in video, animation, oral audio storytelling reports, photography, blogs and also how this translates into the impact and action in the social media space

Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud forest is one of the most biologically diverse places on our planet. But like wild places around the world, its fragile ecosystem are under enormous stress. Being part of this NEW MEDIA EXPEDITION team, you will contribute to a multimedia project for local conservation and community groups working on the “Bellbird Biological Corridor – a project to reforest and re-connect a patchwork of forest, farms and communities from the MoneteVerde cloud forest down to the Pacific Ocean.

Great, but how would our new media documentation efforts help do this?
The goal of the expedition is to digitally illustrate the ecosystems and communities in the corridor — through short documentary filmmaking, digital animation & mapping, photos, audio and educational resources –  and make these tools accessible locally and to homes and classrooms worldwide.  By creating networks of learning and support, we will join forces with local communities to protect ecosystems and endangered species, and ultimately, the health of our planet.

Do I need to know media skills or be an expert of some sort to come on the trip?
Come as you are! You will work with trained filmmakers, journalists, multimedia producers and artists, and they will teach you skills from the ground up or work with you where you are. It’s like having a mentor who adapts to where you are at, and helps you source from your passions and strengths while equipping you with the how-to technical skills of how to express all of this as new media.

Do I need equipment?
We will have professional cameras on hand for the trip. But, if you have your own camera, we suggest you bring it. Why? So you can learn and get more experience on your own cameras and continue to use it when you get back home. Our trained media mentors will work with you using your own equipment, or if you don’t have a camera, no worries, we will have some on hand.

Costs and Dates
Travel dates are July 8-15 or July 14-21 (1 week) for $2000 or July 8-21 (2 weeks) for $3000.

This fee includes:

  • lodging (double occupancy)
  • all breakfasts, lunches and most dinners (Sunday off)
  • instructor & workshop fees
  • entrance fees to reserves, museums, waterfalls, and wild places while on assignments
  • Internet service and classroom/work space
  • in-country travel for all Expedition trips/activities
  • experienced guides and Spanish language translation
  • donation for tree planting to help offset CO2 from air travel (Air travel NOT included in the price)

Discounts – when applying note referral code: CINEMAGICAL

  • Groups of 3-4 people are eligible for a 5% discount.  Groups of five or more are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Students and teachers are eligible to request an additional 5% discount.
  • Those who sign up before May 18th will receive an additional 5% discount…on top of other discounts.

Ready to apply?
Apply here:
Want to invite friends…Yeah – share this post with them:

Can’t make it this time, but want to help?
Thanks! You can help by spreading the word and sharing with friends and networks how may be interested.  You can share this post by using the social share buttons below:  email post,  share post on facebook, g+, pinterest, twitter, tumblr, email or old fashion style, printing the flier or  word of mouth! Remember use referral code CINEMAGICAL and ask for a discount if you are a student, teacher or apply before May 18!



Zabeen \zaa bean/  vb (adj)


1.         Starts off like a could’ve been, in the sense of wistfulness.  Maybe.  But better described by this anecdote: “Someone once described to me the Portuguese word  ‘Saudade’ – she said it meant to miss someone. Not just to miss someone, but more. Like when you are at the train station and the someone you love is on the train.”

2.         The moment before a departure when you miss someone like you may never see them again.

3.         A word best described by the above metaphorical anecdotes.

4.         A verb (that you can make into an adjective). A complex emotion in relation to someone.

vb. when I saw you I felt zabeen (towards you).

Adj. —fill in the blank—–

New ways to use Zabeen: When you are on the phone with someone you love (friend, family, lover), and you are about to hang up….”oh, zabeen already!”

“Slang”: To someone you are very fond of and use of zabeen frequently in your dialogues…. “hi, zabeen!, …..”

Still from Special Place Dance (film)

Stories that Awe: Practice and the Cultivation of Creativity

Video = 2 minutes. Inspiration and insight for as long as you want…

Carpenter Sintayehu Tishale, 42, hammers in a nail using his feet in his workshop in Welete Suk, on the edge of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Born with a debilitating polio, Sintayehu became a carpenter and now makes furniture for people in his hometown, using only his feet to wield dangerous machinery and hammer the nails…and his mind and imagination to dream up the designs!

Practice and the cultivation of creativity
Sintayehu said: “When I was very young I used to like to work in a garden using my legs as hands. Later I began to fix small things like stools and practiced sharpening knives with my feet. I made sure to practice as much as I could because I knew I had to make me feet work like hands.”

Initially, Sintayehu was begging on the streets but when he met his wife, with her support he refocused his direction and taught himself to read and write and dedicate his life to developing his woodworking skills.

Curious to learn more about this amazing man, check out this Huffington Post story, google him, channel Sintayehu in your dreams and see what he can teach you. Lead by example right?

For You

May you Be Embraced by Love
Still from Embrace It (film) Lady with Heart

Mint on Green in Light: Moments of Being (+ Video)

Mint tea bag pre sunset post dinner at Spirit Rock in December.IMG_1513_tea bag_300_smaller

That kind of light at that time of day
I remember meeting Selby that August day in 1993, in the Stebbins Berkeley co-op kitchen.  She was making a peanut butter sandwich, wearing a flannel shirt and rolled up jeans way before high risers were trendy and I thought: this lady is cool and sexy and has aura, I want to be her friend. There was not exactly a ray of afternoon sunshine coming through the window, but that is how it felt and feels when I think of Selby– that kind of light at that time of day embracing you with love.

Shutters that open and close 
It’s been over 11 years now, but if you go to the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, with your back to the building — walk out and take a left, go up one block, cross the street and there — there should be a food stand with the most delicious panini. Did I mention that the windows of Institut du Monde Arabe are 240 motor-controlled apertures? Like a camera they open and close in relation to the light.

Paris, L'Institut du Monde Arabe, Jean Nouvel
Image of Institut du Monde Arabe shutters taken by batigolix, found on flickr and used via CC licence.

I was told this and went location scouting on my 1999 turning 2000 trip to Paris. It was breathtaking and I knew I wanted to share.  For those of you who’ve seen my film the to do list confessions, you will now notice this perhaps. And I did have a friend report that as of 5 years ago, the panini stand was still there, and still delicious.

Still from the to do list confessions (film): Outside Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris, France)

A few months ago I was at a school yard playing with my niece and nephew. We took a break from the playground and ran in the grass, did yoga, cartwheels that felt scary and then empowering, running, running out of breathe. While in a group downward dog my niece says, “The grass is dirty”. Her brother quickly agrees. I tell them that’s what washing up later is for. And heck, when I was a kid I probably ate grass. My niece, who is very by the rules, gets a twinkle in her eyes but asks, “Shall we eat the grass too? Hey, that’s kind of like when we put mint in our water, but not exactly”. Oops.  I tell her that I think the grass has changed a lot in the years and may not be as clean to eat (on occasion).  Now with all my stories of recalling specific places and instances, I can’t remember when and if I did eat grass, but it is highly likely. Just as there are so many memories that are not quite mine, but borrowed from conversations overhead in passion. One that was not borrowed but found. From the grass we went back to the playground and my niece confessed that she wanted to do a flip on the gymnastic bar but was scared. I showed her a secret way: cup your hand in between your eyebrows where you’ll find your third eye and focus your concentration on what you want to do.  Then take a deep breathe and extend your hand outwards in front of you, like you are pulling energy from your third eye and connecting into the world.  Repeat this movement and as you breathe in and out, let energy channel within you and find your spirit. We did this for three breathes and she said she was still scared. I confirmed that I would be holding her the whole time and that she may just feel better if she tried it, but she can do whatever she wants. She said “Ok”. “Wait”. The sun was about to set, she took the secret way and then told me she was ready.  The next day she got really frustrated with her brother. “R frustrates me sometimes. He is not exercising and he is not going to grow!” I tell her, well, he may frustrate you, but you have to understand that you can choose how you react. So, feel how you feel, but you are in charge and empowered to respond to the frustration or not, that has nothing to do with him. My niece responds, “I get it, I am empowered. I have the power. Because I’m the eldest right?”

Mint on Green in Light