Hello you!

This is a blog written by Kirthi Nath. My professional and artistic career has always revolved around storytelling and how to explore and empower people to become both producer and audience; to understand genre and go beyond it. At the center of some of my core values is the belief that ordinarily people have extraordinary stories and that peoples’ moments of being are magical messages for the world. My personal independent filmmaking has led me across the world to ask people this simple request, “Tell me your story”. For the past decade I have worked with media arts organizations managing programs that facilitate people to tell their stories and to inspire active engagement in the community.

In this blog you will find a variety of delights and musings. Interviews with amazing people, explorations of interesting websites and inspiring actions, moments of being, magical messages and much, much more. This blog is meant to be dynamic and changing and will most  likely be a dancing and sparkly story. And for some of you, it will be an adventurous tangent. This is an experiment driven by joy, delight, passion and fun! You are invited to play and enjoy with. Let the journey begin!

Psst: To learn more about my personal filmmaking and other artistic delights, check out my website: www.kirthinath.com


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