It Has Been Much Longer, Than I Wish (with new video)

As I was updating the writing section of my website, I could not help but update some of the writing as well. Not just text based edits, but multimedia style. For some, like “Are you there? I’m (For Lyn Hejinian)“,   I recreated the text as multimedia stories, for others – like this one below, I created new video companion pieces. Enjoy!

Companion text:

It Has Been Much Longer, Then I Wish

It has been way longer, then I wish.

Close your eyes and watch as the orange light shines in the surface. Next, point your chest toward the sky and open your heart. Really, open it. She is going to stop drinking so she can honor her body and not be numb. She is really going to do it this time.

Last night she got home around midnight but for strange reasons ended up staying awake till 6 am. The hour before sleep was spent preparing a meal, which unlike most, did not turn out that great. There is usually never any bread in the house and when there is, it goes bad. A lot of things go bad. There is nothing redeeming about smoking, but last night, when she stood outside on her balcony there was a parade of leaves on the street. This is the sign, it is the time for fall.

Image for Writing Piece: It Has Been Much Longer, Then I Wish

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