Kala Angel Feet

I took my mom to angel feet yesterday. Can you believe she has never had a massage before? (ok she had 1 before, but never with reflexology, and only 1!) She says, “you did not have to, but I liked it!” We both are working on receiving.  While in Oakland Chinatown we picked up green beans and for dinner mom made  saaru (rasam), green beans palya with rice/couscous. + chuklee! And yogurt, of course. I bring add more yogurt to her bowl- it’s that yummy Greek Lebni. “You’re spoiling me.” “Good.

My mom’s visit was prompted by a couple things. It was my niece’s birthday and my two nephews were doing their naming ceremonies and getting secret Indian names. Later that day I ask my mom, did I have a naming ceremony, what was my name? At first she says, um, yeah…mmm, I don’t remember your secret name. The next day my mom leaves for the airport and as customary, she calls with her reports. The flight is delayed. We are boarding. We just landed. I just got home. I got a voicemail from you around 3 pm, but didn’t we talk already? I ask her again. “Mom, did I really have a naming ceremony?” She says, “Kirthi- they did not have priests so much in the country back then“. I am curious so I ask her if it is too late, I kind of have two names in mind already. I want a secret name. She says she’ll ask and then she tells me, “I was thinking that your middle name should be Kala…That is a combination of both your grandma’s (Kamala and Lalitha)…and Kala means art, you are an artist“. “Mom, doesn’t Kala mean…what is that- naughty, playful but naughty, kulaa…are you sure it means art?” “That is KaLa you are thinking of, I am saying Kala, Kala. Listen, KaLa- Kala“. I can barely hear the L or the A she is rolling off her tongue but I know what she refers to.  I take the name.

I showed my mom the pictures I took of her. She did not like them at first. I had to convince her that they were artistic. Before she left I took a picture of her feet and she directed, oh take it with that thing on your cameraI have ugly feet- see there (pointing to picture on my bedroom wall). Mom those are my feet and the are beautiful. This camera feature will show you your beautiful feet also. Thank you hipstamatic.

Waiting for Bart

Mehendi pitcher pose- throw me a besan ladoo, I'm hungry she says

in the middle


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