When It Touches You That Deeply

Someone once said that at the center of a good story is that thing that can not be said.  I always liked this description, for it suggests a way a story is told through gestures that evoke sensations, details that dance with you and close to my heart, the poetic is your guide.

I’ve always loved this part in Paul Simon’s Graceland:

She comes back to tell me she’s gone
As if I didn’t know that
As if I didn’t know my own bed
As if I’d never noticed
The way she brushed her hair from her forehead

I first heard this song in college. I was on the edge of my first heart-break and my dear friend Michelle gave me a gift, one I will be eternally grateful for.  Driven by love and tenderness she said, I am going to play a song for you , there is a part in this song I really love, and I think you will also. It was in this way she brought my attention to these five very specific lines.

Now the image that comes to mind when I hear these lyrics is so vague, but the gesture is so vivid and evocative. I am referring to both my experience with Michelle, as well as the intense and expansive emotions from the song itself. Ironically, with these lines of heartbreak, I fell in love. No, it is not ironic, it is exactly as it was supposed to happen. I was on my path, and this was one of the sparks that would lead me to fall in love with gestures and with the kind of stories that explore and reveal the landscape of emotions and experiences. And to be grateful for acts of sharing. Indeed, when you watch my films, you can be a witness to these dialogues in the dark.

What a delightful and glorious part of life – when a work of art is offered to the world and it has a profound and enduring personal  impact. It is even more exciting when you encounter someone who has also been touched by that thing that transformed you. Or just to be touched, like you. It is like seeing a shooting star. Just as easily you could have missed it, but you did not. And similarly and just as easily, there was the chance we may not have shared our magical moments with each other.

Will you tell me a story about a piece of art, a song or a moment shared that has touched your life? Come on, we have all had them, in fact you have your whole life to choose from.



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